Vavulsavam is one of the grand religious celebrations in Malabar, especially in Kadalundi region. “Vavu Bali’ is a extensively offered ritual throughout kerala. Vavulsavam otherwise ‘vav’ is celebrated in the month of October and always comes coupled with ‘Deepavali’. The deity worshipped in the festival is ‘Pediaattu Bagavathi’. The goddess is known in different names like Amma, Neelavatteri Amma, Devi, Pediaattu Amma, or even as Kadalundi Amma.
The Myths and flocklores behind the Pediaattamma are really diversified and historic.The attraction of the festival is the message of social harmony it sends out. It is not a festival by a committy, but it is the celebration by the whole people of Kadalundi region. It is not Onam or Vishu, Vavulsavam is the most important festival for everyone in Kadalundi. It is the time of get together for them.

The vavu is taking place in sanctimonious and colourful way because of the joint efforts of various communities and moreover by the people of the region. This community close-work breaks all the boundaries of cast, creed and other impervious systems which were prominent in olden days. It is amazing fact that this tradition of harmony for the goddess is started long long ago, then Kerala was governed by ‘savarnar’ in the aspect of Varna System, that is, in the present-day context, the forward class.