Kadalundi is a village in Kozhikode district, Kerala, India. It is a coastal village close to the Arabian Sea. Kadalundi is famous for its bird sanctuary, which is home to various migratory birds during certain seasons and has been recently declared as a bio-reserve. It is the first community reserve in Kerala.

According to the Sangam literature, Thondi, the capital of Chera Kingdom, is now known as Kadalundi. Kadalundi had trade relations with foreign countries like Rome and Arabia. After the breakdown of the Chera Kingdom dynasty rooted in Kadalundi, Parappanad Kovilakam became the rulers of Kadalundi. They gave permission for the Dutch to build a fort in Kadalundi. Even though the fort collapsed after a war with Zamorians, we can see the remnants in Mulla in Kadalundi. Later the British became the rulers of Kadalundi and they built railway lines up to Chaliyam for the purpose of business. Later when Calicut became the center of trades the railway lines were removed but there are remnants such as railway well, lighthouse and forest dippo.

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